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         An on-site multimedia presentation,
            streaming video or at-home DVD
   that compellingly portrays the majesty, science,
     geography and history behind the story of the

              Star of Bethlehem and the Magi


We operate as a freely available ministry to churches, schools and other groups.


A story of
immense majesty,

interplanetary intrigue,
narrow escapes,
strange coincidences,

signs in the night sky,
mystical visitors,
and a centuries old
chess match
between God
and His dark opponent...

with the
fate of all mankind
hanging on a star. 

And best of all... it's true!

"My son said it was the first time he could
remember the kids talking and discussing
a chapel topic so much after the
actual presentation"

Father of child attending
a large Christian school

"I cried through the whole second half"

"If, as you say, you are just the waiter serving up this great story - you deserve a huge tip !!"

"An annual delight to our family and church."


"It was simply amazing. Our people's response has been an overwhelming 'WOW'. I heartily recommend both Andy and a Christmas with the Stars to you."
Senior Pastor

"...a must see! Andy illuminates the Christmas story and God's purposes... life-changing. Our school was spellbound."
School Headmaster

"An incredible combination of photographic glory, analytic genius, and attractive integration of science and spiritual understanding of our individual significance in the cosmos."
Dr. Vernon Gross,
Physicist and Consultant to NASA


Dave Ramsey says
"wow, save me a DVD !"

Who we are:

King David said, “When I consider the heavens, the work of Your hands…” and then went on to meditate wonderfully about the immensity and wisdom of God. When Job was confused about his life; when Israel was wavering; when the end of the age brings fear; God has the same answer: "look up!"

We all need to stop and “look up” once and a while. It is good for us to stare deeply into the heavens and to let our souls be washed over with a sense of eternity and infinity – if only for a few minutes. It gives us perspective on our own intrinsic insignificance, and yet the amazing fact that apparently God considers us precious. It can make us at once humble and uplifted, amazed and satisfied.

In the midst of our busy urban lives we have few chances to do this. This is one of those chances.

"Magi" began as a simple church presentation about the Magi... a gift to our congregation. But as years passed the "holes" in the presentation began to be filled in and people began to say, "This is an amazing and entertaining presentation. I’ve never seen anything like it. You have got to offer it to others."

Our purpose is to depict the amazing God we serve by showing the immense majesty of the universe, the patterns in the heavens for signs and seasons, and the centuries of "coincidences" that all had to happen just so for the Child to be kept safe and spirited away to Egypt. It is like an an eons-long chess game with the Grand Master demonstrating His prowess against His dark foe.

We wanted to do this in a way that appealed to youth and adults, believers and unbelievers of any background, and especially to those who are wondering about God. I think we have made it!

Many go away shaking their head in amazement saying, "that is MY God!", or "I think there MUST be a God." And at least, it is a great story - and not just for Christmas-time!

That is what we are after.

Thanks for visiting.

Andy Reese


A Christmas with the Stars Trailer